Past Project Topics

  1. Spring 2021

    1. Nuclei Instance Segmentation across Microscopy Imaging Experiments

    2. 2D Player tracking in ultimate Frisbee

    3. Segmentation and Classification of Brain Tumour from 3D Brain MRI

    4. Finding a way: Using UNet and Filtering to Find Routes Through Mazes and Campus

    5. Image and video resizing using seam carving

    6. Star detection with Deep CNNs

    7. Pulmonary Nodules Classification for Lung Cancer

    8. Weakly supervised learning for cancer diagnosis based on stain free multiphoton histopathology

    9. 3D aware Image composition with Poisson Blending

    10. Meta Learning for Continual Image Classification

    11. Generating Photo-Realistic Super Resolution Images with Generative Adversarial Networks

    12. Accuracy of Instance Aware Image Colorization vs Traditional Methods

    13. RPN for Faster RCNN on Multiple Models

    14. Using a GAN for data augmentation of chest X-Ray Images for detection and classification of COVID-19 virus in patients

    15. Improving Neural Art Style Transfer

    16. Optical Character Recognition for Traditional Chinese Handwriting

    17. PyTorchST: A library for neural style transfer

    18. HAODE-Net: Object detection in hazy environments

    19. Image Style Migration

    20. Blob based object tracking

    21. Variation of adabins on loss function, optimization and resolution

    22. Exploration of different methods of adversarial example attacks on deep neuron network and test their performance

    23. Implementing Efficient Deep Residual Network for Image Denoising Paper

    24. 3D MRI brain tumor segmentation

    25. Self-supervised joint learning

    26. LiDAR-Tron: A Detectron2 implementation for detecting cars using LiDAR point clouds.

    27. Towards efficient human robot collaboration using vision-based human motion predictions

    28. A Study of State-of-the-art Facial Expression Recognition Methods on Face Expression Recognition Dataset

    29. Evaluating the performance of SwaV on Chest Data

    30. Comparing semi-supervised learning methods for chest x-ray diagnosis

    31. Instance aware video colorization

    32. Image Translation from Photographed Images to Quick, Draw! Images

    33. Unsupervised deep clustering for skeleton based action recognition with Graph Neural Networks

    34. Optical Flow Based Moving Object Detection and Tracking

    35. Different approaches to face mask detection

    36. ResNet and DenseNet: Insights into Performance and Model Interpretability

    37. Multiple local cue based contour detection and how to break it with texture transfer

    38. Photo editing suite with focus on object removal and inpainting

    39. Visual Odometry using Stereo Vision

    40. Object detection from dynamic vision

    41. NeRF: Neural Radiance Fields for View Synthesis

    42. Learning based relative pose estimation for visual servoing of a soft robot

    43. RF-Turk: Scaling up dense image annotation in real world experiments with Inexpensive Robots and RFIDs

    44. Estimating the pose of small symmetric and reflective objects using only RGB Data

    45. Data augmentation using generative adversarial networks for segmenting OCT cornea images

    46. Faster RCNN Object Detection on Cars

    47. No-ball, Free Hit: Classifying Images and Comparing Accuracy for the Front Foot No-ball

    48. Cross-view localization using Monocular camera

    49. Amodal Video Instance Segmentation

    50. Super Resolution by Generative Adversarial Networks

  2. Spring 2020

    1. An Evaluation of Generating Segmentation Masks for Autonomous Vehicle Application via Style Transfer Framework with Weakened Supervision

    2. Fashion Item Detection, Localization and Retrieval

    3. Human head tracking with MobileNet-SSD model in real-time video

    4. Analysis of Multi-frame Super Resolution Methods

    5. Video Object Tracking

    6. Find your lookalike

    7. Deep learning based Deraining Approach Comparison and Analysis

    8. Proximity Sensing using Monocular Camera

    9. Survey on Different Gaze Estimation Methods

    10. Shallow Water Specularity Filtering in Static and Dynamic Environments with Camera Motion

    11. Real-time Action Recognition in Livestock Surveillance feeds

    12. Dog Breeds Classification

    13. Automated Deception Detection in Videos

    14. Image Super-Resolution Based on Deep Learning Algorithms

    15. Visual Question Answering

    16. Automatic PCB Grader Project

    17. Bengali.AI Handwritten Grapheme Classification

    18. Monocular Depth Estimation on Autonomous Driving

    19. Agricultural Image Segmentation

    20. Fast Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition

    21. Lane and Stop Sign Detection for Autonomous Vehicles

    22. Comparison of Image Captioning With and Without Context Information

    23. Detecting Artifacts in DEM Images for Data Visualization

    24. YOLOv4 for Object Detection

    25. Are deep image super-resolution techniques robust to task-based evaluation in medical imaging?

    26. Imaging surface topography of pavements using photometric stereo

    27. Real Time YOLO Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation

    28. Neural Factorizations

    29. Online Super-Resolution using Deep Internal Learning

    30. Data Augmentation with SinGAN

    31. One-Shot Video Object Segmentation

    32. Universal Yolov3-SPP with GIoU Loss for Autonomous Driving Object Detection under Sunny and Foggy Weather

    33. Exploring Facial Recognition on iPhone with CoreML

    34. Sub-Pixel level Motion Tracking under Rain Weather Conditions

    35. Improving Neural Point-based Graphics

    36. FSM Objects From Images

    37. Attention-based Joint Detection of Object and Semantic Part

    38. 6D Pose Estimation

    39. Facial similarity recognition with Siamese Neural Network

    40. Wasserstein Style Transfer

    41. COCO Dataset: Object Detection and Segmentation Analysis

    42. Obstructive Artifacts Removal using Single-shot Images

    43. High Resolution Millimeter-Wave Vision For Self-Driving Cars: Extending to Multiple Cars

    44. Neural Style Transfer with Texture Networks

    45. Interpreting and quantifying deep representations

    46. Fetal Head Segmentation Using Ultrasound Images

    47. Re-unprocessing Images for Optimal CNN Denoising Performance

    48. GAN Controls from Its Latent Space

    49. 3D Object Detection and Mesh Generation

    50. Image-to-Image Translation Based on Wasserstein GAN