Paper Reviews

We will read somewhere around 30-35 papers in the class over the semester (average 2 papers per class). These are listed on the course schedule webpage under the Readings column in bold face. Students will write reviews for a subset of these papers (though, students are required to read all papers). Paper reviews are due at 1pm on the day the paper is discussed in class (as listed on the course schedule webpage). Note that there may be minor changes in the schedule as we go along. I will try to avoid any last minute changes.

Only the top-15 reviews will count towards your grade, so you have quite some flexibility and leeway. Though not necessary, I would recommend submitting 1 paper review per class.

Submit your paper reviews in this Google form (you will need to sign-in into GoogleApps with your Illinois NetID). More specifics on the form of review are provided on the Google form.